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The island of perfumes because of its ylang ylang flowers and also the island of sugar cane and spices, these are the names given to NOSY BE.

DIEGO SUAREZ is the main city in the north of Madagascar where national parks such as La Montagne d’ambre, Le Tsingy rouge, and L’Ankarana await you.


DAY 1 – ANTANANARIVO You will be welcomed directly by our teams when you arrive at the international airport. After completing the visa formalities, you will be transferred directly to your hotel.

DAY 2: ANTANANARIVO-DIEGO SUAREZ Transfer to the national airport for DIEGO SUAREZ, the north of Madagascar. Diégo suarez is the big city in the north of Madagascar and is the 3rd port of the big island.

DAY 3: DIEGO SUAREZ After breakfast, we begin a visit to the Amber Mountain National Park. The park covers an area of ​​approximately 182 km2 and is home to a tropical rainforest with a very high rate of endemism, including thousands of species of precious wood. With its tropical fauna, the park has a very remarkable lemur species such as the crowned lemur and the red mouse lemur. Without forgetting the small chameleon of the world “Brookesia”, species of birds and reptiles. Towards the afternoon, a visit to the Montagne des Français which also marks the big city.

DAY 4: DIEGO-SUAREZ – ANKARANA Our journey continues towards Ankarana. On the road, a stop on the famous red Tsingy before our arrival at the hotel


Environ 18 000 ha de superficie, le réserve spécial d’ankarana est réputé par ces Tsingy . Avec sa richesse en faune, comme les Crocodiles qui sont des animaux Sacrés, les Chauve-souris, les Lémuriens et d’oiseaux.

DAY 6: ANKARANA-AMBANJA Ambanja is located on the banks of the Sambirano River. A city famous for planting and producing red Criollo cocoa, considered of supreme quality.

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DAY 7: AMBANJA-NOSY BE Leaving in the morning after breakfast, 18 km from Ambanja, we arrive at the port of Ankify where we cross by boat to Nosybe.

DAY 8: NOSY KOMBA With a motorboat, our direction is Nosy Komba. The island is also called the island of Lemurs. Throughout the visit, we discover the forest and the small villages that exist on the island.

DAY 9: NOSY IRANJA Nosy Iranja is the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Two separate islands connected by a long white sand that disappears at high tide. On the emerald sea, we also discover colonies of sea turtles, an unforgettable moment.

DAY 10: city tour, the ylang-ylang plantation and the famous reserve. Towards the end of the afternoon, sunset on Mont Passot.

DAY 11

Transfer to the airport for Tana

DAY 12


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